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I am selling my 125 liter Fluval Fish Tank together with oak cabinet and plenty of accessories as well as 4 fish.

The fish are:

1 x male swordtail

2 x female cherry barb

1 x unidentified fish (I cannot remember the name, but picture attached ;-) )

Here is manufacturer’s description:

Fluval Roma 125 Aquarium and Cabinet Oak with Black Inserts is a rectangular aquarium designed on clean, simple lines to bring sophistication to modern home decor.

The Roma 125 Aquarium and Cabinet by Fluval is equipped with:

Fluval GLO lighting unit,

One Power-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 20W 60.96cm (24in) T8

One Aqua-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 20W 60.96 cm (24in) T8

Filter Model Fluval U3 Internal Filter

Heater Fluval Heater 150watt, An LCD thermometer, Fluval Aquarium Care Guide.

The Cabinet consists of an Oak frame with doors and stylish square handles.

Aquarium Volume: approx. 125 Litres

Aquarium Measurements: 80 x 35 x 45 cm

Cabinet Measurements: 80.6cm long, 35.6cm wide, 72.0cm high.

The fish tank is about 3 years old, in very good shape and very presentable, perhaps the lights show the most age due to the build up of water scale (the light bulbs can be replaced, the scale build up is invisible as it’s underneath the lid).

Sand substrate, 3 x fake plants, fake bogwood decoration with a real Anubias plant attached to it.

The fish tank can accommodate many more fish and has a great potential, I am selling it, as unfortunately don’t have enough time for this hobby any more.

The heater is not the same as in the manufacturers’ description as I had to replace it. The heater in the aquarium is Interpet Delta Therm 25 Watt.

It works fine, although you may want to consider a purchase of a more powerful heater for this size of a fish tank if you wish.

Together with the main fish tank, I include another, 24 liter Superfish Aqua 30 Aquarium for fish and plant transportation. It is in a good shape, however doesn’t include the filtration system etc. as per the manufacturer’s description below and may need light replacement. I does come handy though, as a tool for the main fish tank’s maintenance, fish transport, fish breeding etc.


If you’re interested in purchasing, I will need a day or so to prepare for transport. I recommend leaving the fish tank with a bit of water, enough to avoid the need to cycle the fish tank for fish safety (otherwise it requires at least 3 weeks or so to cycle properly). You will need appropriate transport to accommodate a little bit of water in the main fish tank and the fish + plant being carried in the small aquarium.


AquaSafe Water Conditioner (500ml bottle, at least half left)

JBL Aquarium Cleaning Glove

Tetratec Glass Aquarium Scraper - Algae Remover

JBL curved plant-trimming scissors

API Freshwater Master Test Kit (partially used up)

Marina Aquarium LED Hub

3 x Marina Micro LED Aquarium Light (2x blue and 1x red)

Fish tank thermometer

Mag- Float magnet scraper

2x 170g Fluval Biomax replacement bio rings (1 of the boxes partially used up)

Fluval Filter replacement Polycarbon cartridge and Foam Pad (1 of each left)

AquaNova 10 “ Net (unpacked)

Simple Fish Net

Fish Food

10-liter bucket for maintenance and water changes

Name: Aleksandra


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